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Nature of Transit, Newark


Produced by NJ Council for the Arts & NJ Transit, this site-specific video art exhibition combines themes of science, law, and the layered history of the site of Newark Penn Station from the time before it was a colony to an imagined future using archives, scientific research and a psycho-geographic exploration of the site as fodder for creation.

Using the cinematic experience of the tunnel, site-specific images from the history, present and imagined future of the Four Corners and the historic Newark Penn Station as points of inspiration, this video installation zooms in an out of the composition using native flora and fauna, New Jersey fossils of dinosaurs, art-deco themes of astronomy and astrology coupled with future projections of an unknown future.

The experience of moving through a tunnel in cinema is often associated with transformation and psychic change. The viewer is invited to transform themselves as they walk through this lyrical and cyclical entrance to the station.