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The Tome of Hallow County

Tome of Hallow County

2007 – 2012

This body of work investigates the narrativity located in a fictional place and kaleidoscopic aspects of loss.

68 page graphic art novel, pen and ink on paper, ink on eggs, 43.18 cm x 43.18. The book being printed in two editions. One is a 110 limited edition, hand bound, had cut, serigraphy and stone lithography book. The second is a 1000 copy offset edition.

The Theatrical Play, presented in NYC & Winnipeg. Read Review in NYTimes.

A series of performances related to elements of Swell that provoke a question about mourning. There have been 25 performances to date in Australia, USA, Finland, Sweden, and Canada.

Swell - comic

Swell - performance - Candles and conversations

Swell - Exhibitions & Performances

Thee Coyote - Antelope Eater (2007)

The Tale of Old Lady Merrell (2006)

Performance Installation: Maybell- Explorer of the Overgrown Garden 

Performance Installation: The Need To Create

68 page graphic novella combining pen and ink on paper, intaglio and lithography printing.

Like Lace - comic