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The Blind Rooms

The Blind Rooms

2018 – present

2018 – 2021

The Blind Rooms is a Transmedia Collection. This oeuvre is oriented towards the ideas of Gestalt theory combined with genre based narratives. Gestalt theory states that we perceive objects or events as an organized whole. In essence, when we “see” something our brain automatically creates meaning through its configuration and the configuration is influenced by our experience and learning. Genre on the other hand, acts as a frame through which to process authenticity. As Susan Sontag states in her work, On Style, “Genre is central to the self authenticity. The self can only be passed as ‘authentic’ in relation to a legible set of conventions.” Begun in 2016, the first iteration of this work was shown in a solo exhibition at the Lightwell Gallery at the University of Oklahoma from October 9 – November 3, 2018.

[a total exhibition]

The Blind Rooms – 2018, total exhibition and installation, 11 paintings, 10 audio narratives on headphones, 1 sound piece on loop in the space, one collective collaborative sculpture. 

Within one room, I presented ten different stories of psychological blindness. The viewer was given headsets with different pre-recorded audio narratives. Each headset has a different story that began when the viewer puts it on. This exhibition used sound based stories accompanied by a choreography of natural light, surround paintings, objects and bodies. This choreography was independent in terms of temporal synchronicity from the audio headsets. However, the experience for the viewer will be filled with symbolic coincidences, so that each viewer will have a different experience of the narrative that they hear.

[a series of short stories]

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[a series of paintings]