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Swell, the Play

Swell, the Play

Swell, the Play was performend at the Comic Book Theater Festival at Brick Theater 2014.

From the graphic novel by Juliacks Adapted by Kathleen Amshoff, Sam Creely, Juliacks, and the Company Directed by Kathleen Amshoff Scenery by Laura Miller Costumes and makeup by Juliacks Paper wigs and projections by Sam Creely Lighting and stage management by Claudia Toth Choreography by Eija Ranta Featuring Lacy Allen, Sonja Field, Katey Parker, Eija Ranta, and Laura Riveros.

Swell, the Play, is a part of project The Tome of Hallow County.

Juliacks began writing versions of SWELL in 2006. She began doing performances and making comics with this story in 2007, completing the graphic novel and performance art series in 2011. To date she has done over 25 performances related to Swell, using its themes, ideas, and symbolically layered aesthetic world as sources of inspiration. Beginning to think of the story as a play with Kathleen Amshoff in 2008, this work headlined Culture Project’s Women Center Stage Festival in March 2012 in a complete narrative production. Amshoff, Creely and Juliacks then headed to the Atomic Center in Winnipeg, Canada where they produced the play and figured out its final version in the fall of 2012.