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Glower, the Play

Glower, the Play, was performed at The Other Futures Festival on November 9th, 2021 in De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam.

In Glower, the Play, Donna Daantje Doina is now a justice healer. 7000 years from now, humans have organs that can perceive justice and tell them when they are going to die. In the play a crime, and an ensuing justice process takes place… the circle turns changing the meaning of their lives.

Glower is a part of Transversal Scepters.


Glower, the play, is devised by the ensemble which includes:

Writer, Director : Juliacks

Assistant Director : Kristýna Ilek

Costume Designers : Raphael Jacobs, Anna-Bella Papp


Shiro Mungai as Celeo

Mike Phillipz Gomez as Jasonites

Jeannette Huizenga as Axabel

Kannakee Bhuyan as Geezap

Isabel Mercedes as Aratur

Loveday Smith as Donna Daantje Doina

Leonie Kuipers as Agness