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Crimes of Brendalisha


In 2424, prisons are obsolete and people are part of autonomous and self-designed community complexes, the Home Groups. They receive generous and equally distributed funding from the Over Community. Living from a sense of abundance, people are systematically lifted from poverty and their basic needs are being met. Even with these social structures in place, there is a dissident religious community that calls themselves The Element. They believe that the Over Community hoards resources and discriminates against them.

In this short film we follow the journey of a young woman called Brendalisha from a Home Group as she falls in love with Augy, from The Element. She becomes an agent of his ideology and transforms into a monster.

The film was a part of an installation at the 2424: The Future of Justice exhibition | 12 December 2021 – 30 January 2022 | Nieuw Dakota, NDSM Werf, Amsterdam


Writer, Director: Juliacks

Assistant Director: Kristýna Ilek

DP,Camera: Lars Berg

Light, Sound, SFX: Onur Yilmaz

Make up, Scarves: Nami Hurwitz

Post-Production animation: Hunter Bussemaker



Brendalisha: Idris de Keizer

Augy: Matt Carney

Mimo: Kannakee Bhuyan

Trainer: Moreen Beentjes

Bev Res: Loveday Smith

Choaz Ribzo: Leonie Kuipers

Hittz #1111, #2222 Ribzo: Juliacks

Over Community Judge: Marlene van den Camp

News Anchor: Cecile Tafanelli


Co-Producers : TAAK & the World Media Literacy Forum

This film was made with support from the US Citizen Diplomacy Fund, AFK and Mondriaan Foundation Special thanks to Henk Danner from Theatre Studies department at the University of Amsterdam, Dick Berg and Koen Boterman.