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ARCHITECTURE OF AN ATOM, The 296 page graphic novel comes out in June 2017 - to be published by 2dcloud ! Pre-order on online sellers worldwide or better ask your local bookstore and public library to stock it.

“Excessive, mysterious, wonderful, Juliacks work takes the graphic novel to a new and more plastic dimension.” -Chris Kraus (filmmaker and author of I Love Dick, Aliens & Anorexia, Torpor, Summer of Hate)

“ARCHITECTURE OF AN ATOM is a long, deep breath before a dive. It’s a Piscean tale of survival, harrowing and surreal, a dreamlike escape, a delight. Dive into this pool of misfits and watch how wreckage becomes magic, hunger becomes adventure, and human questions about love, intimacy, and community unravel and manifest in beautiful watercolors. The language matches the vibrancy of the drawings and paintings that describes a cast of characters surviving on the brink of a disaster, in the end forming a magnificent poetic experience.” -Sally Wen Mao (poet, author of Mad Honey Symposium)

'Few people mine the potential of comics form for thrilling artwork as well as Juliacks. Her work is the pure cartooning we've all wished for but have never seen exactly this way. The aesthetic punch happens through a combination of imagery and narrative that exists within a system carved out by Juliacks --and as her art continues, the system itself becomes more intricate, more intense and more beautiful.' - Austin English (Gulag Casual, Christina & Charles, The Disgusting Room)

“One, it's crazy, two, it's humanity... Haven't we all had the experience of feeling powerless or in a permanent state of discovery, when as an adult, we learn another language, or when we spend time in another culture? Our reduced vocabulary forces us to deal with a reduced level of communication. Architecture d’un Atome becomes the anatomy of a composite humanity, where the thousands of accents correspond to thousands of colours, and where perpetual movement is the guarantee of a species in good health. – Marie de Brugerolle (French art historian, and author of Guy de Cointet’s Five Sisters, Ne Pas Jouer Aved Des Choses Mortes, John Baldessari)

“the thing I read is so damn good! Juliacks is a creater of a universe. When I think of this book I think of me peaking in to this universe. A puzzle of fragmense to sort out and to understand. I read back and forward, I feel like resurcher that try to find a answer. Even if I know its not an answer, I find one. It is a 290 pages poem, I took a piece with me the other day. I hear voices and i feel smells. It frighten me, but then i get sedused and stay. I tell you it is scary, but i promise you find a way out. And if you dont, just close the book. It will always be there waiting for you to open again, aggain and again. -Emelie Östergren ( Duke and his Army, The Evil Dress, Mr. Kenneth)

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ARTIST BOOKS & EDITIONS Books can be sent from the USA & Europe // if you want signed & customized books, please email juliacks  
Architecture of an Atom Satellite Book: Epilogue : the play : Dance Ballad Compulsive Tribulations Architecture of an Atom Satellite Edition: Atlas - a Carte-Map Architecture of an Atom Satellite Book: CODAS
Dance Ballad Opera
Map Edition Codas

64 pages | full cover offset cover & interior | 6.3 x 9.6" | Edition of 300 | March 2016
PRICE: $34.75

Launched at MoMA PS1 on April 10, 2016 - this book is a script for a play or a libretto for an opera that is the epilogue to the story of Architecture of an Atom.

4 pages | full color off set printing and hand made stencil | 375 x 520mm | Edition of 400 | March 2015

Published by the Musee d’Art Contemporain de Lyon for the occasion of the exhibition and masked ball, JULIACKS - ARCHITECTURE OF AN ATOM, March 20-23, 2015 (this edition was made in collaboration with Hayley Quentin & Néon) >

36 pages | full color cover | black and white pages | 4" x 6" | Jan 2013 | Edition of 600
PRICE: $13.90

Made for the performance: Architecture of an Atom-The Infinite Whistle Series In THE SUPERSURREALISM exhibition at the Moderna Museum of Malmö. This performative comic book is the passport - border crossing- to the graphic novel, Architecture of an Atom.

Swell : Offset Edition Swell : Handprinted Edition Invisible Forces : Näkymättömiä Voimia
Swell Offset
Swell Hand Bound Invisible Forces

68 pages | full color cover | black and white pages | 10.5 in" March 2012 | Edition of 1000
PRICE: $12.95

"crude, ornate, subjective and dreamy — [SWELL] is not for those who prefer their narrative crisp and is an immersive experience for brave readers. " -The New York Times

"it captivatingly explores the irrationality of loss and the nature of grief. With primitivist black-and-white drawings, Juliacks’ pages are dense with visual information; the panels run together, with word and image forming a textured emotional collage that seems inextricably tied to the medium itself." -Backstage

Part One: Open Faced Sandwich was nominated for an Ignatz Award for Most Outstanding Mini Comic, and was heralded as one of the top 10 great mini-comics from 2008 by Robert Clough of the Comics Journal.

"This comic is one of the best explorations of memory and its connection to emotion that I've ever read. That stream-of-consciousness style, where Emmeline is constantly dipping into her memories as a way of trying to process Lucy's death, is perfectly meshed with her lettering." -Robert Clough

Published in conjunction with the production of the story in PLAY form. Printed in a series from 2007-2012: This is the complete book- different from all others in its completion. Bonus-the last chapter got flooded.

65 pages | 10" x 10" | Stone LIthography Cover, Screen Printed Pages | May 2011 | Edition of 110 |
PRICE: $149.96

The cover is stone lithography printed at the Grudes Museum in Sweden on the last large format offset stone lithography printer in the country. See the making-of video!

Interior pages are silk screened. Each book is a unique art object.

Produced within the Project Program at the Royal Art Institute in Stockholm.

52 pages | full color | 8.27" x 11.69" | 2011
English and Finnish language | Edition of 500 (250 destroyed in a flood)

Rody Plane is a young woman who has been pushed around by her caustic environment. She deals with this by retreating into a dissociative inner world, letting the invisible forces take control. Shows a parallel story to the film, Invisible Forces.
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Sections were originally printed in Encyclopedia Destructica's "Flying Destructicate" and Kutikuti magazine issues 14, 15, 17 and 18. Made in pen and ink, water color, and stone lithography printmaking at the kungl. konsthögskolan in Stockholm.
Drawn in Los Angeles, Helsinki and Stockholm.
Translations by Katri Inkeri.

Rock That Never Sleeps Thee Coyote : Antelope Eater Tale of Old Lady Merrell
Rock That Never Sleeps
Thee Coyote Antelope Eater TOLM

36 pages | 9? x 6? | B/W and sepia with a color cover | 2009 | published by Sparkplug Comics | In collaboration with Olga Volozova

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20 pages | hand cut and screen printed | 2007 | Edition of 50.
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70 pages | full cover cover & interior | 2006
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De Ateliers Potlatch
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ZeroQuatre No 11 Automne 2012
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Limited Edition -contact publisher
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Kutikuti: Spectre Fall 2012
Strange Attractors
Encyclopedia Destructica
Institute of Extraterrestial Sexuality
Spring 2012
Black Forest Anthology by Unicorn Mountain
June 2011
Spectrekutikuti strangeattractors unicornblackforest
PLUT Fall 2010
Quiet Human Contact 2010
Kutikuti 15

Collabo comic with Austin English, Clara Johansson, Emelie Östergren, Joakim Ojanen, Hannah Gustavsson.



Collabo Comic with John Hankiewicz, Onsmith, Austin English, Siobhan Calnan and Juliacks. soldout
Kutikuti 14 Encyclopedia Destructica's Flying Destructica 2009 Friendly Fire with Austin English 2006
Flying Destructicate friendlyfire
UNICORN MOUNTAIN VOL. 2 2006 Wolfman's Got Nards by Encyclopedia Destructica
October 2006
unicorn mountain volume 2 wolfman'sgotnards
sold out